Friday, January 30, 2009

Idli & Dosa Batter

To make Idli batter(maavu)

4 Cups - Par boiled rice/Idli Rice
1 Cup - Whole urad dal
3/4 tsp - Salt

Soak rice & urad dal separately for 6- 8 hours. First grind the urad dal to a very fine paste consistency. It should not be too watery. Set aside in large vessel to be used for blending the batter. Then grind the rice to fine sooji consistency. this also should not be too watery it should be just a dropping batter.

Mix both the batters together with hand. Mix well until both are blended together. Add salt to this and again mix well for around 2 minutes. Set aside in a warm place for 12 hours atleast for the batter to ferment and rise.

Taste and add salt if necessary and prepare idlis.

To make Dosa Batter(Dosai Maavu)

1 1/2 cups - Raw rice
1 1/2 cups - Parboiled rice
1 cup - Urad dal
1 tsp - Fenugreek(methi seeds)
1 tsp - salt

Mix the rice varieties and soak them in a bowl. Soak urad dal & fenugreek seeds in a bowl. Let soak for about 6 hours. Grind ural dal alongwith the soaked fenugreek and then rice to a very fine smooth consistency and a more running batter. Add salt and mix well. Let it set and rise for atleast 8 -10 hours for a crispy blended dosa.