Friday, January 9, 2009

Making ghee at home

Ghee - common term used in India for clarified butter. Ghee is made by boiling butter. It is used in most indian cooking, mainly for sweets and during festivities.

Butter - 4 sticks
Vessel - a heavy bottomed, deep vessel

Put 4 sticks of butter in the vessel and keep on stove with the flame set to low. Use a wooden ladel to keep stirring. Initially the butter will bubble up and slowly once the ghee is getting formed the bubbles will lessen and the liquid will turn golden in color. The smell of ghee eminates and its the right time to switch off the stove & remove. There will be residue of impurities at the bottom, let the ghee cool down to a warm touch and then strain leaving out the residue.

Store in a tight container.

By putting a steel spoon/laddle in the vessel, we can prevent the bubbling up of the butter over the vessel.
Add a small piece of jaggery to the ghee so that it stays fresh longer. Otherwise it develops a stale smell (say after 2-3 months).