Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bountiful harvest

Summer was fun this time. We started a little backyard garden. So like every first time gardeners we were very nervous about the things we need to do, nuturing the plants, the outcome etc.
We planted two tomato plants, one sweet pepper from the nursery at Home depot. Then I planted some mint sticks from the box of mint we bought. It caught on and now I have a big mint plant. Had a few squash seeds thrown in from the one we bought for our use. All that grew into a big creeper.

We made a bed for spinach and my kiddo could get fresh baby spinach. While buying vegetables, I found that one of the colacasia had a sprout. So i planted it and one pearl onion sprout too. Both have yielded a handful. Not bad for a first time effort eh!!

Hubby loves gardening so he used to sincerely water them and we used to weed the area and we felt great seeing and enjoying the harvest.

Here are a few shots from our harvest.