Friday, October 24, 2008

Fru-Nut Laddoo

(1 cup - 16 tablespoons - 250 ml)

Finely chopped Dates - 1 cup
Finely chopped dried golden raisins (known as Kismis in India) - ½ cup
Cashews (non roasted, unsalted) - 1 cup
Almond(non roasted, unsalted) - 1 cup
Fried groundnut (skin peeled) -1 cup
Grated coconut-1 cup
Sugar powder(can also use confectioners sugar) – 2 ½ - 3 cups (sugar quantity is variable depending on the granule size of sugar. Bigger granules use 2 1/2 cups ; confectioners sugar use 3 cups)
Ghee -2 cups
Cardamom powder-1 tsp

Heat the kadai and add cashews, almond and fried groundnuts (peanuts). Dry fry these without oil until raw smell disappears. Cool completely. Add all the dry fruits, dates, raisins, grated coconut and powder them. Add powdered sugar/confectioners sugar as the case may be. Add cardamom powder and melted ghee and make lemon size balls.

Will make around 20 1 inch laddoos.
Shelf life - 1 week [if you still have some left for
a week!!! ;) ]